Fiona has helped many people with her easy to learn style of teaching, experience and holistic approach to healing. She will guide you to strengthen/manage physical and emotional/mental problems as well as giving great techniques and guidance through Mindful Moving Holisitc Qigong System.


Born and raised in Scotland, Fiona was a successful hairdresser operating her own salon, and the winner of National Awards. In 1990, life took Fiona to Australia, this was the beginning of her personal healing journey. She loved travelling, then settled in Byron Shire where she raised her two beautiful children. Fiona studied extensively, gaining a wealth of knowledge/experience from her self-healing journey.

Fiona found Qigong & Tai Chi in 1992, she had a few teachers prior to taking on full-time study, embarking on a 6 year healing journey, studying alongside Master teacher, Mentor and friend, Erle Montaigue (Chinese Master 1975). She has developed a deep understanding of how these traditional Chinese exercises can improve health, happiness and longevity. Through her personal self healing journey, she knows how efficient and effective Qigong is at treating and balancing mental/emotional well-being.


No matter your age or ability you can benefit from Fiona’s wealth of experience in Energy Medicine. Body Balance Qigong will improve your outlook in life, health, well-being and bring balance back into your world! 


Diploma of Complementary Therapies - Full Member of IICT

Bachelor Degree of Human Movement Science 

Qigong and Tai Chi Instructor since 1995

Mindfulness Diploma 

Reiki Practitioner 

Cert IV T & A 


"I've been going to Fiona's classes for nearly a year now. Every time class finishes I feel so bloody good!! Everything is balanced and life seems calm, I find it like "mental health exercise," restorative, rejuvenating and generally positive. I can't fault her teaching approach, one with humour and generosity, welcoming any newcomer while tending to long term members." – Glen 


"Over the last 15 months of Tai Chi & Qigong classes with Fiona, I have found her an encouraging and knowledgeable teacher. The classes have filled me up mentally, physically and spiritually and given me the tools to deal with the challenges that life throws at us from time to time. I am very grateful for everything Qigong & Tai Chi has given me." – Darren Egan


"I can not speak highly enough of Fiona and her classes. I feel privileged to have been learning Qigong and Tai Chi with Fiona for the last 2 years. I have found her to be a highly ethical, observant; caring and knowledgeable teacher. Fiona has an incredible ability to cater to all participants in the class, blending all levels seamlessly, allowing everyone to feel a true sense of achievement from each class. Attention to detail with her gentle and encouraging manner very quickly shows amazing results.

After having to deal with some long term health issues, I found myself becoming increasingly weak and wobbly, this really worried me, as my balance continued to be an issue. I needed to find something and someone to help. I knew that Fiona had worked with people of all age groups, supporting health and balance with Qigong and Tai Chi. So I was eager to try it as well. Wow what a difference Qigong and Tai Chi have made to my life on all levels, mind, body and spirit. Fiona is always mindful of each persons individual needs and abilities. I have had tremendous improvement

with my strength and balance. 

It is hard to believe the massive difference it has made to my life. I am extremely grateful to Fiona for all she continues to offer to all that are lucky enough to have her as a teacher." – Narelle Fisk


"I have been learning tai qi and qigong with Fiona for 5 months now, and have really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the group, and Fiona's lovely gentle teaching style. As a beginner, I was accepted into the group and Fiona's patience in bringing me up to speed was, and continues to be, very supportive. I have learned a lot, and my daily practice provides so many benefits. Thank you Fiona for your quiet attentiveness, generosity with your time answering my queries, and the way you run the classes." – Scott