Complementary Therapies can be used alongside conventional medical treatments

to improve health and wellbeing. 



Qigong is a moving meditation, a beautiful healing tool, gentle and natural flowing mindful movements which are adaptable for all.


You will be guided through a series of holistic Mindful Moving Qigong's to release, what no longer serves your heart, body, mind, spirit and soul. 


Qigong's gentle movements help to move blood and oxygen around the body, nourish the organs and tissues, promoting healing. Due to the mind & breath connection, Qigong is a great tool to manage stress; calming the mind, relieving emotional and mental anxiety.


Together we can 'let it go'-'let it be'-'let it in' whatever resonates with 'You'


Connecting your whole Being to Mother Earth, absorbing the wonderful colours & vibrations in nature, will, stimulate and cultivate your internal energy; clear and cleanse your meridians; allowing you to feel rejuvenated, refreshed and clear minded.


Feel your Divinity..... throughout this blissful practice of Qigong you will be cleansed by the pure Essence and abundant flow of Universal Life Force.


Feel such a wonderful peace, nourished & balanced. A calmness I want to share with You.


"Energy Medicine for Mind - Body - Heart - Spirit - Soul"



This mind and body practice, which originated in China as a martial art,

is valuable in treating or preventing many health problems. 


Tai Chi is a weight bearing exercise which helps maintain bone density, 

improve muscular strength, flexibility, balance and fitness. 


The movements are circular and flow smoothly, the muscles and joints are

relaxed and held loosely. As you move, you move softly, as you breathe,

you breathe deeply and rhythmicly, with a clear mental focus.

Mindful Moving teaches the Yang Cheng Fu form which is suited and 

adaptable to all levels of abilities.



Based on the original teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui, (Rei - Universal and Ki - life force) 

"Universal Life Energy" in Japanese.


Reiki is a holistic treatment, you will benefit mentally, physically, emotionally

and spiritually. A glowing radiance flowing through your body and around your aura.

The practice is through placing hands on various energy input points

on the body to bring balance and harmony to ones well-being and environment. 

Reiki is a tool that can offer amazing healing benefits, control and greatly

enhance the flow of energy in and around the body however is not a

replacement for medical treatment.